Refugees Welcome

Migration is a crucial topic in today’s political world. Even though migration has always been part of human experience and an essential element for the survival of the species, many today believe that it is not an inherent human right. Thankfully, the internet has allowed like-minded people to come together and create strength through the power of the collective. This agglomeration of like-minded people has given birth to an outstanding social movement, Refugees Welcome.

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Refugees Welcome can be considered a social movement because it contains the key elements that define a social movement: collective action, change oriented-goals, organization as well as some degree of continuity.

Their focus on collective action is demonstrated by the large amounts of people who welcome refugees in their homes to help them integrate in a new society. Their change oriented goals are clearly shown by their actions, as they dedicate themselves to change the way people perceive refugees and immigrants. Refugees Welcome shows a high amount of organization as it is a necessity to enable the correct integration of refugees.

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Refugees Welcome is an organization that proves that as individuals we can make a change. People around Europe are helping refugees adjust into a new country by offering their homes as they stabilize their situations by finding jobs or attending school. No matter how much politicians try to divide us through racist rhetoric, we have to stay informed as citizens and remember that there’s always a way we can make a difference.



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